Evaluation question 7

Looking back on your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

I have been able to develop my skills by doing many tasks such as the Mundane task, preliminary task and the mocso-melodrama, which have all made me develop my skills to make my final product better. Firstly, it is evident that I have used a variety of different shots compared to my preliminary task. Shots such as birds eye view, close up, extreme close up and long shots are all seen in my final film opening, however in my preliminary task, there was only a small variety. Furthermore, the shots in my final film change more frequently making the final product more exciting than my preliminary task where the same shots were on for a longer amount of time. I used Premiere to put all my tasks together and edit them, however I did not play with sound effects which is a big part in filling the film with suspense/activity. Therefore, I used wind and water sound effects in my final film opening to make this effect. I also developed skills on how to adjust the lighting to reinforce the idea of horror.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.48.15.png
I did not play with lighting in my preliminary task. I used After Effets to make my Ident and add titles to my final film however I did not use After Effects for my preliminary task, therefore i have gained knowledge on how to use After Effects to make effective titles using different fonts and colours and learning how to fade in and out the writing, with help from Video Copilot also.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.42.19.png

In the preliminary task, the background sound made the overall task not as effective because there was background noise going on. However, in my final project I put in background sound effects and music to create the atmosphere-something I did not do in the preliminary task. Lastly, my preliminary task only included dialogue which most viewers would see as boring compared to my final film opening where there was two time frames going on at the same time, before and after death, making it more exciting for the viewer.Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 18.43.25.png

Evaluation question 1

Evaluation question 1 from miriam clarke on Vimeo.

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I believe it can be seen that my media product uses traditional formats of the horror film genre. A key characteristic of the horror genre is that is relies heavily on building suspense, leaving the listener curious about what is to happen next. I have followed this pattern in my own media product after deciding to include a girl being followed in the woods (which was a popular response for my location in my target audience survey).

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 17.12.02.png

I illustrated this representing the horror genre through adjusting the lightening to all my clips to make it look darker and eery to reinforce that something bad was going to happen. With deaths being a common occurrence in horror films, I included a death of a young, vulnerable girl to strengthen the idea of the horror genre. I believe my film is a horror film opening because I have chosen to use background music of a ‘creepy’ young girl singing which links in to the visual of my film opening and builds suspense for the audience. My settings used all follow the usual conventions of a horror film, being a clinic acting as a hospital, and the woods. Locations like this occur in horror films such as ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ and ‘The Ward’.

CabinWoods3.jpgkristen in electroshock.jpg

My use of costume and props also play a big part in making my film opening look like a horror film opening. With the vulnerable young girl wearing a white lacy dress in the woods, it boosts the idea that she is outcast to the environment around her, again, reinforcing that something eery is happening. A dark figure in the background is used in my film opening to suggest that the girl is being followed, this is typical in a horror genre as it builds suspense, therefore showing conventions of real media products.

IMG_8668 (2).jpgIMG_8670 (1).jpg

Evaluation question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In order to evaluate how social media groups are represented in my product I can firstly look at my main female protagonist, who can be seen to be compared to other female characters in similar horror films, for example my main character Beth is similar to the character of Maddie in ‘Hush’.


IMG_8668 (1).jpg




Although Maddie is an older woman, they both prove to be outcast whether it is being deaf (Maddie) or young, this causes both characters to be vulnerable. This similarity would help my product to attract a similar audience to that of ‘Hush’. My actress Beth is 17 years old and playing a young female, aimed at around the same aged audience (teenagers), this could therefore help the audience to connect/get gripped more easily compared to if the character were older. However, my film cannot represent every female social group under the theme of vulnerability, as age is still a large factor and can affect the way in which a character is presented. However, another film called ‘Ratter’ has a female protagonist who is in a similar age group to Beth and is also viewed to be the victim in the film, which is stereotypical for a horror film. therefore representing a particular social group (young females).


Evaluation question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

I decided to aim my film opening at teenagers as this is typically the age of people who like watching horror films the most (proven in my target audience survey). From my research, most popular horror films are rated 12 or 15 therefore this is the rating I decided to go by for my film opening. To make my decision easier, I made a survey using survey monkey to see what kind of films people were in to and what they would typically find in a good horror film opening; this was good as I was able to receive feedback to help me improve my film opening so it would be interesting to watch for people of this age group. The people that took my survey were all aged 13-17 therefore the results were accurate for me to decide what I wanted my film opening to include, however, because my results were all from the same age group, I did not get any results for the older generation therefore the results are more one-sided. The results I got back suggested that  horror films often consisted of a victim and a scary villain.Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 16.07.40.png

Therefore, I decided to show a villain in the background of my film opening chasing the victim. For locations the dark woods or an abandoned house were suggested, and again, I decided to use the woods and a clinic to create a sense of mystery.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 16.10.17.png

This is Georgia, she’s 16 and is currently studying GCSE’s at Beaulieu. Her favourite genre of film is Horror and her favourite film is ‘Insidious’. She prefers horror films because they are “thrilling and dramatic leaving me wanting to know more, right until the end.” She thinks that the music in horror films is a big part for building suspense aswell as setting the scene. She says “The supernatural aspect of horror films makes it more exciting and interesting”.IMG_3954.jpg


Second draft

film opening_2 from Miriam Clarke on Vimeo.

I changed the lighting on my clips to make the clinic clips lighter, resulting in the ‘dead’ girl’s face looking more pale, reinforcing the horror genre. I also adjusted the colour to make the woods look more eery by making the colour more blue/grey. Furthermore, I added to the sound by adding wind sound effects, water splashing and rinsing of a flannel to add to the atmosphere. To finish, I added a microscopic clip of a sheet to add my titles to.